4 Reasons Why a DIY Website Is Bad for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

A website is critical to successful digital marketing in the Philippines. Every day, Filipinos spend an average of 6 hours and 17 minutes on the internet browsing social media, catching up on the news, and reading blogs. Without a site, your brand will have a hard time grabbing people’s attention online.Still, this does not mean you should build a website by yourself just to get a piece of internet real estate.

Lack of Customization and Capabilities

Going DIY is surprisingly easy. There are numerous services that offer website buildersat low cost, even for free. But while they allow you to launch a website quickly,they often lack options for customization;the exact font or color you want might not be available, for instance. The ready-made templates also make it difficult to add capabilities, such as a web store for driving sales.

Limited Branding

Differentiation is the key to making your brand stand out. Unfortunately, having limited customizationcapabilitieswill keep you from realizingthis crucialmarketing strategy, leaving your visitorsunable to experience your brand fully and associatingit with other websites that have also taken the DIY route. Additionally, free websites might force you to include ads that could redirect your potential customers elsewhere.

Difficult Search Engine Optimization

SEO may be difficult, but it is vital to increase your brand’sonline visibility. Unfortunately, the different techniques for enhancing searchability are hard to implement in a DIY site.Unless it has been designed for SEO, your “prefab” website will only deliver missed opportunities.

Inadequate Support

Whenever you need troubleshooting for the site, you have no other choice but to rely on yourself. No one more knowledgeable can help, unless you’re willing to pay more.

There is no easy way to create a website. It takes a team of programmers, web designers, and content specialists to build a powerful digital experience that promises more conversions for your brand. Always weigh your options and recruit partners with the exact talent you require.