4 Compelling Reasons to Set Up a Microsite for Seasonal Campaigns

Unlike social media sites that are contained within their respective networks, digital campaign sites are often at the mercy of the internet’s intense demand for new content as new campaigns quickly replace the old. It’s no surprise to find campaign websites looking antiquated in just a few months, and updating them beyond a superficial change is difficult. Digital campaigns require a website, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be your brand’s main site.

This is where microsites come in. A microsite is a smaller, simpler website composed of a few pages that focus on a campaign or product. As an auxiliary to the main site, microsites are perfect for the demands of a constantly changing online marketing campaign. Here are some reasons why they are indispensable:



Because of their small size and simplicity, microsites can be launched in a matter of days, making them perfect for seasonal campaigns without having to involve the main site. They can also be taken down just as quickly once they are no longer needed.



Unlike larger websites, microsites enable you to focus on a campaign or specific product. By providing quick yet thorough product overviews, they help customers make faster purchases.



When launching a product to a new market segment, you may want the product to be slightly independent from the mother brand to avoid pitting the campaign against your main website. With a microsite, the product will be able to stand on its own without the need for a full-fledged site.


Search Engine Optimization

Because they are built with their own URL—a major determinant of search rank—microsites enhance product discoverability on the web. They also strengthen your products’ online searchability through more focused content.

Microsites are invaluable for successful digital marketing in the Philippines. Find out how you can use microsites to build an unforgettable digital experience for customers.

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