3 Far-Reaching Ways SEO Improves Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often underutilized and underappreciated when it comes to digital marketing in the Philippines. Many locally made websites remain unoptimized because B2B and B2C sales still largely operate through legwork. Websites are treated like brochures or calling cards, but this state of affairs cannot remain forever. ASEAN integration and new Free Trade Agreements are gradually causing a shift in the market, with consumers coming in from new regions through new ways of connecting with brands.

The changing face of the Internet calls for more effective ways of reaching out to consumers online. This is where SEO comes in. With SEO, brands can dominate the digital world through the following:


Better Online Visibility

Globalization is increasing the likelihood that your brand’s next inquiry is from outside the country and not from a personal contact—but that’s only if consumers can Google you. SEO increases your digital exposure by raising your search rank, thereby helping you diversify and improve your lead generation capabilities. With properly geotargeted keywords, you can enhance your website’s performance not just locally but also abroad.


Quality Web Copy

Content is central to SEO. Search engines value good content, granting better ranking to websites that ensure the use of relevant keywords, anchor text, and links, among others. The site must also be well written and informative to be search-worthy. Keyword spamming, awkward keyword usage, bad grammar, and misspellings are no longer acceptable. Thanks to SEO, you are forced to raise the quality of your content so your brand wins more conversions.


User-friendly Website Design

Apart from the content, SEO takes the website’s structure and accessibility into consideration. Search engines prioritize user experience, ensuring that the first page of search results is populated with sites that can immediately and accurately provide the information the user needs. Thus, websites that are too slow or difficult to navigate are penalized. This is true for both desktop and mobile versions. Regarding the latter, given the increasing penetration of smartphones in the Philippines, brands must ensure that their websites can be viewed on any screen.


SEO does not just boost search rankings; it also promotes digital experiences that strengthen your brand.

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