Digital Marketing Trends: 3 Big Video Technologies for 2017

Videos are revolutionizing digital marketing, making it more entertaining and immersive. With just one click, you are instantly attending a live concert, climbing the Walls of Westeros, or gliding from a cliff. And all these can be experienced within the comforts of your home, as you lay on the couch with your tablet or laptop. Here are the three video marketing innovations that you will see a lot of in 2017. 

a. 360°

360° videos and photos offer a unique perspective – all around. With the use of special cameras, they enable viewers to look in every direction and check out the sights and sounds with a simple scroll. It’s perfect for promoting practically a wide range of products or services. After YouTube and Facebook started supporting this format last year, this innovation has been gaining steam and popularity. Here are three creative examples of 360° videos in action:

The Conjuring 2 – Have you ever wondered how it feels inside the haunted Hodgson house? This 360° video lets you experience it – complete with scares that really psyche you up for the movie.

Here you are – Dubai 360 Video – A great example of how you can utilize 360° videos for tourism, the video showcases the best spots and vistas the city has to offer while making you feel like you are actually there.

Mercedes-Benz 360 Video Drive – This 360° video puts you in the passenger seat of a moving Mercedes E-Class – complete with a chauffeur! – which is a really clever way of showcasing your product to the market.

Video clip from:

Video clip from:

b. Real-Time

Through real-time videos, we can follow live events at the same time as the audience! People can watch the product launch of the hottest gadget while at work or enjoy a live concert of our favorite singer in our bedroom. The tech is a digital window to practically anywhere in the world. Everyone from rock bands to politicians can utilize this technology to stream, advertise, and advocate. With the emergence of social platforms like Twitch and Periscope, real-time videos are shaping up to be another big thing for digital marketing. They enable real-time interaction and engagement of your brand with the market, providing a more personal experience. Tech giants like Facebook and YouTube have already integrated live streaming, launching the tech for mainstream use.

Video clip from:

Video clip from:

c. Virtual Reality

What used to be a concept only seen in sci-fi movies now exists. VR headsets are already available to everyday consumers. Commonly associated with 360 videos, virtual reality is experienced with a head-mounted display (HMD) that immerses the viewer in a simulated, audiovisual experience. There are endless applications for this technology and clever VR marketing campaigns have already been implemented by many brands. This innovation is the way to go if you want to really captivate your audience and build strong recall. The future is looking bright for this medium because the VR market is expected to grow from $1.37 billion in 2015 to $33.9 billion in 2022.

Technology will continue to surprise us with new platforms. As new avenues for digital marketing pop up, staying fresh and current becomes increasingly challenging for brands. This competitiveness, however, is fertile ground for content that is more fascinating, engaging, and entertaining to the viewer.

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