Digital Marketing 101

Of the 7.4 billion people in the world, more than half of them are connected to the Internet, and one third of them are active on social media. Without exaggeration, these statistics are truly mind-blowing. Imagine, the total number of people posting, liking, retweeting, and messaging on platforms like Facebook and Twitter far exceeds the population of any country in the world.

It’s fair to think that our own corner of the world is making its own dent on these numbers. (We weren’t tagged as the “selfie capital of the world” by Time for nothing.) The Philippines boasts 47.3 million Internet users—and amazingly enough, 48 million active social media users. That’s 47% of our entire population.

What are these Filipinos doing online?

They spend an average of 3 hours and 42 minutes every day on their social networks, mostly on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. In addition, around 5 hours are spent every day logging on the Internet either with computers or tablets. In fact, we are the second-most Internet-addicted country in the world, beaten only by Brazil.

Crucially, 19.7 million of Filipinos on Facebook are part of that valued demographic of 20 to 29 year olds. This generation seems to have wholeheartedly embraced the digital age; the average amount of time spent watching TV per day has slipped to just two and a half hours. With numbers like these, any firm that ignores digital marketing does so at its peril.

 “In the digital world, one of the scarcest resources available is customer attention,” writes Grant LeBoff in the book Stickier Marketing. “The demands of modern life…mean that getting customers to take notice of you is extremely difficult.”

Different Strokes

Thankfully, there are many approaches to capture an audience’s attention, each with their advantages. You’re free to use just one, or combine them, depending on your need.



Best For: Business-to-business brands, e-commerce

How It Can Help:
Direct emails to subscribers and possible clients foster the sales funnel, building awareness, consideration of your service, and finally conversion. Their tailored approach addresses the pain points of your clients.

Tools: MailChimp, GMass


Best For: Real estate, finance, services, business with expensive purchases

How It Can Help: Setting up your own website and optimizing its content so it appears on the front page of Google helps make your brands and service more visible among the millions of web pages on the web. It always provides a 24/7 portal that will provides all the information a client needs.

Tools: SquareSpace, WordPress, Google Analytics


Best For: Business-to-business brands, business-to-consumer brands

How It Can Help: Marketing initiatives on social media platforms helps foster two-way communication and immediate feedback. The right posts will engage audiences and raise awareness among a highly-targeted segment that follows you on their platform of choice.

Tools: Facebook, LinkedIn


Best For: Business-to consumer, lifestyle products, consumer electronics, tourism, fashion, fast-moving consumer goods, any industry where the product needs to be experienced

How It Can Help: Initiatives that tap bloggers and influencers to try out your product can give your firm credibility. In addition, their in-built following means that you can leverage their own reach to help get your message across.

Tools: Blogger outreach

Watch out for our next blog posts on the different digital marketing strategies you can implement for your brand.