8 Qualities of a Coveted Social Media Manager

The job description of a Social Media Manager is relatively new. There was no prescriptive formula for an ideal one. However, as the Internet keeps changing, the basic knowledge of just scheduling posts or bombarding instagram with hashtags isn’t enough anymore. 

Social Media Managers now should possess a certain level of competency in social media trends and current events. They should be able to understand what works, identify latest technologies in social media management and must have vast knowledge of multiple social media platforms.

Below are 8 of the most important qualities that makes a coveted Social Media Manager.

1. Multidisciplinary

Social media managers have exceptional skills not only in social media but also in public relations, journalism, SEO and graphics design. Nacho Gonzalez of Mailtrack.io said, "they need to be able to go beyond social media when necessary. And it's often necessary."
On the other hand, they understand the diversity of audiences across varied social media platforms. Because there's no “One Size, Fits All” type of content in Social Media Marketing.

Customer-Service Centric

Customer-Service Centric

2. Customer-Service Centric

Many brands take advantage of social media to improve customer engagement. According to a study, 67% of consumers have used company’s social media profiles for servicing. A good social media manager is highly responsive to their customer’s needs and inquiries channelled through social media platforms. 


3. Strong Communication Skills

An effective social media manager is able to engage customers whether using a 140 character tweet or a long blog post. They easily adapt to different social media sites and has a good conversational writing style that connects with the readers.
Outside the organization, they can establish and maintain relationship with social media influencers. Equally important, they are able to keep everything cool when negative noise from bashers, trolls or dissatisfied audience floods the page.



4. Creative

Social Media Managers have the ability to produce outstanding content calendar and are able to execute flawless social media campaigns. They understand the value of providing fresh, creative, valuable and shareable information to their followers. 

A great social media manager knows what their readers want and that is what they strive to provide.


5. Meticulous & Detail Oriented

Creativity has to be coupled with attention to detail. Social media professionals are aware of the unspoken rules when posting content. They are knowledgeable enough to identify what makes a high quality status post and what makes a disaster post.



6. Analytical

In Social Media Marketing, data analysis is vital for companies to assess their current strategy and improve on it. Various social media platforms can produce big analytics data that would support brands during strategy planning and decision making. If the social media manager lacks the skills required in data analysis, companies can't capitalize the useful information that these social media platforms can provide.


7. Has SEO Knowledge

They understand that social media marketing campaigns are all part of a larger plan. A good social media manager has the ability to align social media campaign with SEO strategies. As Forbes puts it in perspective: the social media manager is the gatekeeper and promoter of contents which is the cornerstone of SEO. 

Can Handle Pressure

Can Handle Pressure

8. Can Handle Pressure

Social media marketing demands a lot from managers. It is not a simple 9 to 5 job, as messages and social media activities happen 24/7. Real-time community management is essential. Without a doubt, it can be too overwhelming for the mind and the body. However, a good social media manager can handle pressure and prevent burnout. 



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