Your Yearly Social Media Campaign Checklist

Social media has become indispensable to a successful PR and marketing campaign. It enables brands to directly engage their customers and create personal relationships that increase loyalty—and sales. But is your social media campaign for 2016 effective? Here’s a checklist of the essential elements that make for a compelling 2016 campaign:

Identify Your Audience

Many campaigns fail because they address the wrong people. That’s no excuse on social media, where you can access a wealth of information as long as you know how to. Brands can quickly identify the groups that talk about them, their characteristics, and their demographics. They can also learn why they don’t see enough chatter about them from target buyers.

Devise Your Outreach

It’s vital that you determine the best way for your brand to approach its audience if you want to increase its followers in a short time. Depending on who your target buyers are, you could reach out to them effectively by joining communities, communicating constantly, or driving awareness.

Develop Your Engagement Strategy

Social Media Engagement is the key to converting followers into buyers. However, you can’t just post anything on social media or let your mood dictate the way you reply. Your brand needs to define its campaign objectives and determine the appropriate conversational paths to increase the likelihood of conversion. To guide your content creators and community managers, it’s also necessary to develop your strategy pillars, detail the topics that will anchor your posts, and delineate your messaging for various buyer personas. Remember to establish what’s okay to talk about and what’s not.

Structure Your Execution

Provide a frame for your campaign as well as a timeline to outline its different phases. Additionally, provide design pegs that will help others create content that upholds your brand identity and follows your campaign strategy.

Determine Your Metrics

Success needs to be measured. You need to define what it is for your brand to see if it was achieved—or not. Don’t let success be subjective, especially when it comes to business.

Prepare Your Analysis

Analysis is critical to figuring out which strategies worked and which ones did otherwise. Prepare all your data, and pay attention to objective numbers such as likes and shares so you can pinpoint popular posts and anchor your strategies.

Launch your social media campaign with a bang this 2016! Plan well and your brand will reap the rewards faster than expected.