New Digital Marketing Tool for the New Year: Facebook Live

Live-streaming is becoming the new social media trend as an increasing number of people offer live-streams of games, news, AMAs, and more. The phenomenon is fueled by relatively new and user-friendly sites and mobile apps like, Meerkat, Twitter’s Periscope, and Facebook.

Last August 2015, the social media giant premiered Live, its mobile live-streaming service. At first limited to verified celebrities to control bandwidth and post quality, the service has been gradually expanding. Last holiday season, verified Pages can access it as well.

Through Facebook Live, celebrities and brands can easily post videos and live-streams in their newsfeeds. Their followers are quickly informed and can watch as the video plays.

In the Philippines, over 90% of the 37 M people have active Facebook account. As live-streaming rises in popularity, many Filipinos will be introduced to the concept through their existing social media accounts instead of the alternatives that are gaining steam. Filipino brands have a golden opportunity in riding an upcoming digital marketing trend. But what can your brand do with it?

Make Product Demos

Products and services can be difficult to use or understand. Break that barrier by demonstrating them. Unbox your products or share how to use them effectively. Make live-stream fun so your customers think that your product is fun too.

Show What’s Behind-the-Scenes

People are always intensely curious about how things originated. They want to learn about what happens during rehearsals in shows, how products are made, or what great companies do during their breaks. Show them. Give them a peak into your brand and impress them with your insights or professionalism.

Organize AMAs

AMAs or Ask-Me-Anythings are simply redefined Q&As between a celebrity and his Internet audience. Live-streams enable people to type questions in real-time for the speaker. Many CEOs have participated and the practice has enabled brands to get closer to their audience. In the SlingshotMNL Conference, the M2Social team fielded questions from Twitter and Facebook to the CEOs and thought leaders who answered the questions live on the Internet.

Live is just a beginning. Facebook is testing a dedicated video news feed to cater for moving picture addicts. Investigate if your brand is ready and consult with digital marketing experts to learn what other social media strategies you can use to promote your brand.

Many companies struggle with allowing Facebook at work.

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