3 Troubling Signs Your Website Needs a Revamp

Your website is your face on the Internet, reflecting your brand for all Filipino netizens to see—all 44.2 million of them. If your site has been running for quite a few years, you might want to consider giving it a makeover. Technologies behind old websites have already been replaced by better, user-friendlier digital advancements. Without implementing these updates, your site may not only fail to attract visitors, it may not be able to adapt to new search algorithms and suffer from poor online visibility as a result.

The start of the year is the perfect time to give your website a critical eye. Here are three red flags to watch out for to determine if it needs a revamp:

Your Site Needs a Web Designer for Basic Updates

This is the biggest warning, especially if you haven’t enlisted third-party support for updates in a long time. Moving your site to a modern Content Management System enables you to tap people with appropriate credentials, like an admin, to make simple yet critical changes such as by letting you revise your CTAs, add helpful posts, and optimize your content for search engines. Additionally, websites that aren’t regularly updated are bumped down in Google’s search rankings, making them harder to find. With just the ability to change the text, you can significantly increase your site’s exposure and conversion rates.

Your Site Is Hard to View on Mobile

About 38.7 million Filipinos own smartphones, and the number is only expected to rise in succeeding years. If your website looks bad on a mobile device, millions of smartphone users won’t be able to read or navigate your content. And just like aged websites, mobile-unfriendly sites won’t rank high on Google. Adopting responsive web design allows your site to adapt to whatever screen it’s on.

Your Site Isn’t Social

Since the 90s, the Philippines has been the world’s social networking capital. 42 million are active social media users with Facebook as the current most popular network. Filipinos love to share posts, check-in their locations, or take selfies. Adding share buttons to your site will make it easier for your visitors to share your content, encouraging them to become your best brand evangelists.

If your website has one of these telltale signs, consider a revamp. The market is becoming mobile, digital, and content-hungry—aside from increasingly going global. Your brand needs to stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive.