6 Innovative Ways to Maximize Digital Marketing for 2016

Digital marketing has brought massive changes in the business world as 81% of buyers conduct online research before making a purchase. With 40% smartphone penetration in the Philippines, the internet is within the palm of many people’s hands. To ensure that your brand comes on top when they are making a decision, you need to utilize the most effective online strategies this 2016.

What are they?


1.      Content Is Still King

The Internet has become the world's go-to source of advice for almost every purchase. Before buying, a person is likely to whip out his smartphone immediately to type the question or keyword that matters to his purchase on the search bar. He’ll read the articles presented and if your store or restaurant isn’t mentioned, he’ll pass you by and walk to the establishment down the street. On the other hand, good compelling content will have him breaking down your door for your product or service. Don’t miss out, create content that will help you take charge of the online conversation.

2.      Keywords Matter

Keywords are crucial to online discovery. People search for products and services using helpful phrases that describe what they’re looking for. If your brand isn’t linked to the words your customers use, you’ll miss thousands of potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you find the appropriate keywords by conducting in-depth research and places them in the right context inside your website, making it easier for people to find.

3. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization, once simply a helpful design, has become a necessity because Google now penalizes websites that have not been optimized for smartphones and tablets since April 2015. Some companies have reported startling drop-offs in traffic due to the change in algorithm. Use Google's Mobile Friendly tool to confirm if your website is mobile-optimized. If not, make transforming your site the first New Year’s resolution of your brand.

4.      Website Update

If your website hasn’t been updated in a long time, Google starts to bump it down in the rankings. That’s why standard practice is to redesign it every two years. Regular redesigns imply that your site hasn’t been abandoned. It also allows your brand to update the UI/UX in favor of your users, which is very important to Google. A refreshed look also keeps user engagement high. Lastly, an update enables you to remove underperforming pages while staying up-to-date with technology, web standards, and search algorithms.

5.      Social Media is the New Search

Fewer people are typing into Google; an increasing number are going straight to Facebook and review blogs such as Tripadvisor for advice and opinions. Make a splash in social networks to capture your target buyers as soon as they ask questions in their circle of connections.

You can also use social media to share special discounts and limited-platform promo codes. Additionally, feature case studies, success stories, and testimonials, which demonstrate the real value of your product through the eyes of an average user. This is especially useful for restaurants, service-oriented companies such as hotels, and brands that rely heavily on reviews to spread the word.

Lastly, partner with social media influencers, like bloggers. People crave peer-to-peer advice, especially from people they admire and respect. Internet famous brand ambassadors can increase your brand’s online visibility.

6. Micro-Targeting

Social media ad platforms allow you to micro-target, describing in detail your target buyer persona. Instead of shooting wide with your ads and targeting many uninterested people, you can bring laser-like focus to the people who are most receptive to your pitch, increasing your chances of success. Micro-targeting is granular enough to enable you to choose women in Facebook ages 25-40 whose interests include eating, food, going out, lives in a specific area, and have kids.

With the right digital marketing strategies, your sales prospects for 2016 are bound to increase.

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