5 Helpful Tips From Yaya Dub About Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Maine Mendoza A.K.A. Yaya Dub

Maine Mendoza A.K.A. Yaya Dub

Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub's seemingly sudden fame has left many in awe. Her popularity returned Eat Bulaga to the top of the noontime TV wars. But while most talk about her in the context of broadcast media, her impact on Filipino social media in itself is stunning. Practitioners of social media marketing in the Philippines can definitely uncover useful insights by examining her rise to stardom.

Choose  A Popular Medium And Become Great At It

Yaya Dub's initial fame didn't lie in TV, but in the sharing culture of social media. For the small handful of people who might not have heard of it, Dubsmash is an app that enables users to take video of themselves while lip-syncing to a short section of a song and share the results, which quickly became incredibly popular with Filipinos. Many celebrities have created their own dubsmashes. But it was Maine's that took the country by storm and turned her into the Queen of Dubsmash. Her videos routinely get a million views after release.

Create Content That Grabs People

The Kris Aquino dubsmash is a great example of effective content. Despite having a time limitation of 10 seconds, it still captured attention. Kris is still a very interesting subject for Filipinos because of her antics. Watching Yaya Dub's facial expressions as she performed Kris' catchy lines made an unforgettable impression.

Let Traditional Media Give Social A Push

Dubsmash gave her fame but it was GMA network's attention that pushed Maine to stardom, beginning with the July 12thepisode of Jessica Soho's Kapuso Mo then landing a spot in Eat Bulaga. In social media, her domain covered the 33 million active Filipino Internet users, but traditional media gave her the potential to reach far more. It brought tons of casual Internet users to her original dubsmash videos.

Make An Effective #Hashtag

#Aldub is a portmanteau of Yaya Dub and her Eat Bulaga partner Alden Richards that has trended for weeks. The on-screen romance was a hit with viewers and fans and they took their enthusiasm to Twitter. The discussion is fueled by their latest TV hijinks and GMA's frequent posts about the tandem.

Cultivate a Relatable Personality

Though we've mainly discussed things Maine has done, it's important to take note of her charisma and approachability. Fans love her humor and down to earth personality, which makes her infinitely relatable.

By relating with fans and adopting these tactics, going viral is a strong possibility for those practicing social media marketing in the Philippines.