Rules of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines: How Often Should You Post?

The straight answer: it depends.

All experts in social media marketing in the Philippines agree that there is no one size fits all answer to the question. Your follower's age range, interests, Facebook habits and more must be carefully considered to get at an answer. But there are some surprising insights.

An average Facebook user looks at a potential 1,500 posts from friends and liked Pages everyday. The sheer number makes it unlikely for most posts to be seen at all.  Unfortunately, the more posts you upload don't help increase visibility.

That's partly because Facebook filters posts. It serves up content that its algorithms determine are interesting to its users. Interest is determined by a simple stat: Interaction. The more a user engages or interacts with another user, a page, or a topic, the more likely that the algorithms will provide him with related content. It may even crop up on his feed again and again if he or his friends constantly connect with it.

In other words, it's not the number of posts everyday that will guarantee visibility. It’s the quality. If its interesting enough for the user to interact with it, the post will likely stay on his feed for some time before its drowned by other information.

At M2.0 Communications, we usually upload a post for our brands once a day. But we ensure that that ONE post is the most interesting we can make and will drive conversations, if not conversions, with our target audience. Here is how we made B. Braun, a medical supplies company, be interesting to consumers.

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