5 Things Only Social Media Managers Will Understand

Being a social media manager is one of the most stimulating jobs in existence. You always find yourself on the cutting edge of trends in pop culture, technology, fashion, and more. You're constantly interacting with people in a variety of ways. But because social media marketing is so new and so unfamiliar to most, other people don't appreciate your challenges and triumphs. Here are some we wish others understood.

When others remark, “You get paid to be on Facebook all day? That's the easiest job in the world!”

No, it's not. We use Facebook for more than games or sharing funny pictures. We monitor KPIs and analyze the output. We constantly create new content that will pique the interests and engage of our followers. We act as customer service reps to those who address questions and complaints in social media. In other words, we do a lot.

#People #Who #Hashtag #Every #Single #Thing

Hashtags are meant to help people organize content and track discussion topics. Placing one on everything has no purpose and simply clutters up your message. Keep hashtags simple and relevant. #SocialMediaMarketingFeels

When bashers assume they’re talking directly to the company CEO.

For many customers, the social media account is the brand and it’s a direct line to the top of the corporate food chain, when it's just a direct line to us. We'd love to help but our hands are often tied.

When management comes and says, “Make this go viral real quick.”

Social media marketing takes time. We can't guarantee that a post becomes viral. We need to generate momentum, get the buy-in of influencers, and push the message to our followers every day. We wish going viral just takes one click.

Every retweet or share is a small victory.

It's one of the nicest things that can happen. We've created hundreds, maybe thousands, of posts that garner a few likes or have gone completely under the radar. A retweet or share feels like a real triumph and we've created something truly witty, enticing, or otherwise worth noticing by others.

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