Facebook in Numbers: 4 Metrics to Monitor for Success

Monitoring metrics are integral to digital marketing. In the Philippines, Makati Business Club types focus on numbers to determine success. Social media can provide numerous numbers but inspecting the wrong ones at the wrong can time can derail your strategy. Here are four metrics to examine and when to prioritize them.


Audience growth will almost always be relevant. In the early period of a fan page, extending your reach to more and more people is necessary for success. It's not surprising to see growth rates in the 4 digits or more. However, it will eventually slow down and that's not a bad thing.


Your engagement rate tells you how well your posts resonate with your established base by tracking the number of shares, likes, and comments. This metric is important to monitor throughout your campaign because engaged followers drivegrowth and conversion. It also helps you identify the demographic that contributes most to your success.


Digital marketers track and identify the visitors who click and go to websites. Whether new or returning, understanding their reasons for visiting specific siteshelps improve and accurately tailor your content to their taste. Acquisition becomes more important as a social media campaign progresses because it contributes to…


After gathering a broad audience, engaging them, and holding their interest, it's time to close sales. Knowing when exactly to begin sales and track conversions is a talent of experienced social media managers. Do this too soon and this can turn away the people forming a growing base. By tracking direct conversions, you will know the effectiveness of your Facebook page and its contributions to your bottom line.

Apply your digital metrics intelligently and your brand will be able to formulate and execute a social media strategy that maximizes ROI.

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