The Ultimate Combo – Public Relations and Social Media, Part 3: 5 Best Examples of Social Media and PR campaign integrations

In Part 2, M2.0 Communications discussed how PR-social media integration can best be achieved. Wrapping up our series in part 3, we show campaigns that made the integration work.

Thousands of social media campaigns populate our feeds each day. While many may be reasonably effective in reach, they're often banal, uninspired, and unremarkable in execution. Some are cringe worthy But a few stand out.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, few knew that Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis existed. Suddenly, celebrities, CEOs, and regular people all over the world began pouring ice water over themselves on Facebook and Twitter to raise money for the spinal disease. The ALS Association received $2.8 million in donations in 2013, but after the Challenge, it received more than $100 million.

Share A Coke

Share A Coke

Share a Coke

When the global giant started printing names on the packaging of their iconic products, their brand once again soared to greater heights. While this was primarily a PR campaign, the social media component was never neglected. In the Philippines, Facebook followers could create personalized virtual bottles to send to friends, and use their page as a venue to suggest more names to place on the labels.

Commuting. More Fun In The Philippines

Commuting. More Fun In The Philippines

It's More Fun in the Philippines

This started as a PR campaign designed to turn our country into an A-list tourist destination that quickly took flight on social media. Within an hour after the campaign was rolled out, Facebook and Twitter users began making parodies of the slogan, reaching every corner of the Internet – who then became more than curious about the original slogan and the country.

Cebu Pacific's Dancing Flight Attendants

When Cebu Pacific spiced up it's flight safety routine by having their flight attendants dance, it found its way into social media and became a hit. The stunt is a great way to spotlight the airline's safety and approachability


When Jergens wanted to reach out to a younger market, it tapped social media to spread a mystery love story online, with one of the biggest questions being the identity of the company behind the mystery. The romance quickly stole the hearts of audiences, while supporting events brought even more attention to the story. The resolution of the mystery thus became something that people would want to share and talk about. Read the whole story here.

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