The Ultimate Combo – Social Media and Public Relations Part 1: Why Integrate the Two

There is no reason to create an artificial wall between public relations and social media. Many of today’s most successful campaigns use the two in tandem, allowing business communicators to engage the highest number of people in the most meaningful way possible. In this three part series, M2 Social  investigates why and how this combination leads to success.

Social media has permeated the media landscape through and through, changing the manner by which people convey, communicate, and comment on the stories of the day. This means that practitioners of PR and marketing communications have to be well versed in social media and how it is best put to use.

Over the past few years, Facebook has transformed into the top destination for daily online news. Twitter meanwhile is a prime source for on-the-minute breaking stories. And there are nearly 200 million blogs in existence today.

You yourself are in all likelihood very familiar with these online platforms. Ask yourself – before you arrived at this page today, how many times did you:

   Log onto Facebook?

   Check your Twitter stream?

   Read all or part of a blog post?

And if you are like most, you visited these social media channels to keep up-to-date on the latest news, and to share and engage with your network. Your behavior is shared by millions of Internet-connected professionals in the Philippines.

Because of how people today consume news, your public relations program must contain a strategic social component to be successful. And this component can mean far more than a draft headline in your overall campaign.

Successful PR-social integration depends on the development of strategic editorial calendars, consistent media placement of social-friendly content, and constant results measurement.

The dependencies that define the successful integration between public relations and social media are the same dependencies that guide our process:

   Content Creation– Our social media and SEO-savvy writers work with you to develop long-term editorial calendars and create the highest quality search-optimized articles to support these plans

   Content Distribution–We make sure the content we write reaches the right market at the right time with the minimum amount of paid reach.

   Reporting– Measurable and accountable results are illustrated with reports on reach, SEO, social media, and content interaction and engagement metrics.

A Full Suite of Social Services

Whether your online marketing and public relations needs are centered around improving your search visibility or managing your reputation online, our social experts offer services that can be customized to your needs.

With our company’s strong roots in PR and earned media, no one understands PR-social integration better than the Social team at M2.0 Communications. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where we discuss how these two platforms can be put together to create business success.