#You: The Personal Brand

If companies can be persons, you too can be branded. Your self and your talents are your product. However, people have already determined the value of your personal brand, pegging you as the nice guy or the sassy girl. Here's how to take advantage of it.

Taking charge of your personal brand can open opportunities because brands, like names, contain value. Filipinos have brand pecking order for almost all our purchases and we immediately understand the worth family brands like Ayala, Lopez, and Aboitiz. Brands can inspire confidence and persuade others but only if their message can be clearly conveyed.


You: The Personal Brand

You: The Personal Brand

Conveying #You

Before anything else, it's important to define #You. Focus on your strong points while also taking into account what others see. Be the sassy social media PR girl or the nice techie client-is-first guy.

After defining yourself, maintain the brand in your professional life. Talk about your niche with your clients and professional contacts. Write articles and comments in your blogs and social media about your specialty. Follow others who have similar expertise. Remember, always tailor your portfolio to your brand.

Once your personal brand has taken off, expect to become the resource person for your niche – in your industry at least. Be prepared for clients coming to you when they have a related problem instead of the other way around.

Once your personal brand has formed a critical mass with the public, promoting everything by yourself becomes impossible. That's when a team can step in and help you engage your followers.

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