Money Isn't Everything: Investing in Brand Perception

Brand perception doesn't usually result in short-term sales growth or easily quantifiable ROI. But it is the key to continued growth and expansion.

When people have a positive impression of your brand, you can innovate and find acceptance more freely. People will also be more likely to give you a second chance.

Apple | Think Different

Apple | Think Different

For example, Apple cultivated a reputation based on excellent design, user simplicity, and fantastic customer service. When it released the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, legions of fans came to its stores.

JetBlue | Have You Forgiven Us?

JetBlue | Have You Forgiven Us?

In another instance, JetBlue was known for its customer service. When thousands of passengers were stranded on Valentine's Day 2007, JetBlue calmedthe many irate customers by announcing how they were going to resolve the problem, which was immediately accepted because of its reputation.

On the other hand, companies that aren't as well regarded have tried to release new products and failing miserably. Remember Zune? Neither do we. Not many companies that have gone through a crisis of reputation are able to recover fully.


Changing Perceptions

Enhancing brand perception is not the work of a single night. It takes a full-fledged campaign and it won't be fought only in social media.While the exact details will vary according to your brand's character and circumstances, several important possibilities emerge.

Engage in Social Media

For consumer companies, social networks offer the most convenient way to directly converse with customers and influence their opinions. The approach needs to be consistent and engaging to ensure success. If you don’t have a team ready, find trustworthy social media marketing specialists who are willing to work with you closely to forge your online identity.

Face the Press

It's unavoidable; you have to expose your company to media scrutiny to get the public's trust.Answering questions from the media can quickly convey your message and deal with misperceptions though you might require extensive media training to avoid terrible mistakes.

Carry an Advocacy

Showing that your brand helps others is a simple but effective method of changing people's attitudes. Choose an advocacy that resonates with your products or services, and employees. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is great example of an advocacy campaign that made impressive use of social media.

Change the Company

Your company must generate a new, better experience for its customers because if it can't support the message with action, your brand perception will remain the same.

When investing in brand perception, companies have to look at the long term and think outside the box of ROI. It's not always about today's returns but also about tomorrow's potential.

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