How You Can Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Brand

Being loud and flashy grabs attention but it’s expensive for a start-up. Instead of going big in traditional media, it’s better –and more affordable –to take advantage of digital marketing. It’s word-of-mouth 2.0 –more concrete and more actionable.

Digital Marketing To Promote Your Brand

Digital Marketing To Promote Your Brand

The current generation of food experimenters and travel connoisseurs with disposable income are almost wired to the Internet. Called Millennials, there are at least 18 million in the Philippines –a number keeps on growing. 82% of them consume online information and access social media for 6 hours a day.


What does that mean for your brand? A positive Google search result or social media post can quickly catch their attention and lead them to look for you online. More than that, you’ll be able to follow their online behavior. See when they post pictures of your product in Instagram. Use #hashtags to track their comments in Facebook and Twitter. With this information, you can improve your marketing strategy– in the same way that noticing your customers' reactions can help refine your product.


Technology and the Internet have transformed the Filipino consumers. Digital marketing has become a must to bring fin sales and traffic. The numbers don't lie.


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