5 Surefire Strategies to Turn Your Customers into Social Media Evangelists

Filipinos use social media platforms 53 hours a week – 11 hours more than the global average! That includes your customers.

Think about what that means.

If you can turn them into your social media evangelists, they can become your greatest marketing assets. Here are 5 methods to get them on your side.

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

  •  Choose Your Platform – Facebook is the Filipino social network of choice, although Instagram has captured the heats of young women and Twitter is the channel of choice of twenty-something men looking for fast customer service response. Pick a network where you can reach your market.


  • Share Stories– Post narratives – words, photos, or videos – that encourage your customers to like and share.Recount your brand history or its back story. Or have your clients share their personal experiences and encounter with your brand.


  • Put Pictures in Focus– Encourage your customers to upload their photos. Subtly remind them to post pictures through your store layout, counter tops, dressing rooms or strategic places where they can notice it. Also, give your front liners a little crash course on photography composition so they can take nice photos for your customers-while eating on your restaurant, trying on a new bag or simply taking a picture in the mall .


  • Tap Celebrities – Find bloggers that resonate with your customers. Don't just look at the number of their followers. Check the quality of their articles and comments, along with their online reputation.


  • Bring in the Professionals – Social media marketing looks easy but it's difficult to master. Partner with a reliable digital marketing team to ensure that you're always releasing quality content that hit the heart – and stomachs – of your customers.

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