5 Simple Tips on How to Take the Perfect #Selfie

From Facebook to LinkedIn, it pays to put your best face forward. A great selfie can share your happiness or portray your mood better than a thousand emojis. It can also unlock chances in work—and in love. As experts in social media management in the Philippines, we take self photos just as seriously as any marketing strategy. Here are five tips on how to take a selfie that brings out the best in you.

Find Your Light

Just like when taking pictures of food, lighting is often overlooked when taking selfies, despite it being absolutely critical. Gorgeous lighting will result in an exquisite selfie. The magic hour (the hour before sunset and after sunrise) almost always has glorious lighting. To check if the surrounding light is good, hold your phone in front of your face then turn 90 degrees. Make a few more 90-degree turns until you're back to where you started. Note the lighting and background as you turn. You will likely find that one spot with excellent lighting. If not, don’t hesitate to move.

Look at All the Angles

Not all angles are created equal. There are angles that will flatter your face, and those that will make it look hideous. Tilt your head at different angles to find your “best side.” Don’t forget that angles also have meaning. Generally, a person viewed from below will be seen as more confident while someone viewed from above will be seen as vulnerable. Take advantage of the difference.

Express Yourself

Don’t be reserved or try to hide features you think are unflattering. Otherwise, your picture will end up looking forced. So if you want your smile to look genuine, you’ll have to let those crow’s feet show at the corners of your eyes. Let go of your inhibitions and be natural.

Tighten Your Shot

If the background isn’t relevant to your selfie, it only becomes an annoying distraction. To exclude the background from the shot, crop in tight to your face. This technique will also make your arms disappear. Unfortunately, holding the phone close can exaggerate your features.  You can avoid this by holding it a short distance away and zooming in the camera instead.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a theory on image composition, which serves mainly as an easy guideline. To apply the Rule, first, split an image into nine equal-sized squares. Then, place your subject/s where any two lines cross for the best composition. For selfies, that usually means placing your face nearer the corners than the center.

Selfies are fun to post on social media. Make them as beautiful as you can.

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