Social Media: The New Path to Stardom

Becoming a celebrity is an alchemical mix of talent, exposure, knowing the right people, and luck. But in the dawning age of digital, another factor has been shaking the mix: social media.

Some of the most recent superstars first found fame on social media instead of Billboard charts. Justin Bieber was discovered because of his pre-teen YouTube videos. Carly Rae Jepsen hit the big time after Justin mentioned her song Call Me Maybe in a tweet. Filipino Arnel Pineda became Journey’s lead singer after his YouTube covers were shared to the band. Lastly, Maine Mendoza transitioned from being the Dubsmash Queen to the Twitter-breaking YayaDub.

Justin, Carly Rae, Arnel, and Maine had talent and a fair degree of fame. But it was through social media that the rest of the ingredients finally clicked together.


There are more than 2 billion active social media accounts globally. Almost a third of the world’s population is connected via digital social networks where people can share their likes and learn what others like too. A person with enough talent and fans can easily catch everyone’s attention.

Knowing the Right People

According to the six degrees of separation, everyone is linked about six steps away from any other person in the world. Social networks make the links easier to connect. Everyone is just a few shares away from getting noticed by Ellen DeGeneres or some other famous celebrity. Once the connection is made, careers can grow.


If being discovered is a one-in-a-million chance, then it simply means that a person only needs to try a million times. Going on social media makes it easier to increase the probability of discovery and eventual stardom. A viral video can reach a hundred million views in four days. That’s more than enough for success.

Musically talented individuals aren’t the only ones who can benefit from social media. Brands too can use it to appeal to millions of people. Fame is still a very difficult goal to achieve, but it becomes much easier with the help of social media.

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