Beat the Christmas Shopping Rush by Going Online

Christmas is just around the corner, but while it’s the perfect time to go shopping, many professionals just can’t find the time to do it given their busy schedules. Work, family gatherings, and reunions litter the season. Even if they managed to find the time for it, the prospect of having to deal with hundreds of other shoppers at the mall can be quite disheartening. But before psyching yourself up to bite the bullet and venture out to buy your children’s toys or even the items you need to complete your social media manager starter pack, consider this alternative: online shopping.

Online shopping is nothing new. The first time it was implemented was in the 70s with videotex. The spread of the Internet in the 90s gave it a new impetus, eventually becoming more commonplace in the US and around the globe after just a few years.

In the social networking capital of the world, Internet shopping was stymied by the lack of mature payment systems for online transactions. These remained inefficient for some time, but that did not stop businesses from offering their products online—first on Friendster and Multiply, and now on Facebook where they waited for inquiries. Fortunately, times have changed, and online stores have become a rising trend.

Online shopping offers many benefits, especially during the Christmas shopping rush.

Better Prices

Filipino online stores are filled with promotions and coupons, which keep prices low. Some offer vouchers upon signing. So if this is your first time, you can buy more with your Christmas bonus.


Even during regular days, malls are centers of traffic. During the holidays, expect the traffic to double, with long waiting lines everywhere. Online shopping avoids all this hassle.


Some online shops pride themselves in selling items that are yet to be available in the country. Others simply choose to offer a vast collection of products to cater to wide range customers. Whatever the reason is, you can find more choices online.

More Filipinos than ever are taking their shopping to the Internet. Apart from trying it out to beat the Christmas rush, it’s also vital to use this opportunity to learn how you can position your brand online so you can take advantage of the widening market on the Internet. Talk with specialists in digital marketing in the Philippines to find out what to do.