4 Ways Star Wars Is Benefiting from Memes

Memes are probably the first post you see after opening your social network account. They’re ubiquitous and infiltrate almost every corner of the Internet. Almost everything that has become popular on the Internet has been turned into a meme. It’s no surprise that the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, has already been turned into memes by a legion of geeks.

Being a meme has its benefits for digital marketing.

Star Wars Meme | I Drove A Flash Drive

Star Wars Meme | I Drove A Flash Drive


There is no getting away from Star Wars. Even if you block the trailers, the news, and your fanboy friends, other people and sources are sure to repost a Star Wars meme eventually.


The marketing rule of seven depends on repeated exposure to make the sale. The ubiquity of memes ensures that the seven touches required to make a sale are met all the time. Smartphone users check Facebook an estimated 14 times a day. Even if the meme appeared half of the time, the seven repetitions are obtained at the end of the day.


The most popular memes rely on humor, a positive emotion that makes them likely to be shared. Funny memes spread virally as people like, share, and more importantly, put their own twist. What people contribute is what ensures their continuing success.


Memes acquire fans which form groups. A quick search for Star Wars memes on Facebook yields three communities dedicated to sharing the latest community-made image macro for the franchise. These communities can be utilized as advocates and converted into sales.

Not every brand is lucky enough to have the same power to generate memes as Star Wars. But that shouldn’t stop it from harnessing the power of existing popular memes. Called meme-jacking in digital marketing parlance, it’s possible for a brand to insert itself into a meme.

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