10 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Explore

10 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Explore

10 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Explore

Pinterest is the image-pinning site where over 200 million monthly users access to plan their weddings, discover recipes, follow home improvement tutorials and so much more.

Although there are many similar websites that have been out there longer than Pinterest - like Tumblr, We Heart It and Etsy - you don’t often come across a site that has been greatly successful.

Pinterest by the Numbers

  • In a study by Pinterest, it said that its 200 million users are mostly millennials, parents and app aficionados.
  • About 55% users access Pinterest to shop while 84% say they use the network to discover new things.
  • Nearly 70% of the users, on the other hand, is female while 30% is male. Most of them are from the age group of 18-29 years old.
  • The Hootsuite and We Are Social report that revealed the Filipinos remain the most active social media users in the world, also said that Pinterest is one of the platforms they spend most of their time in.
  • An average user spends about 14 minutes every time they log in on Pinterest 98 minutes per month.
  • According to a 2017 Pinterest report, the most pinned category on the site is art and art supplies (48%), followed by food and drinks (47%), home and garden (45%), health and beauty (45%), and clothing and apparel (37%).

These demographics only show that Pinterest has indeed evolved from being the preferred social network of moms to an essential marketing tool for brands where they introduce their products and services through their most striking visuals to an engaged and active community.

Now, if you’re looking to use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy, you need a handful of tools that will help you dominate on the platform. Here, we outlined 10 of the best time-saving tools made for Pinterest to help you start with.

1. IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is a free service that allows you to automate task between two different platforms by creating a chain of scripts or applets (formerly recipes) made up of triggers and actions. For example, this applet results in an automatic Tweet every time you like a Pin. The platform works with just about any network. What’s even greater about it is that there are a lot of published applets you can readily use.

2. Buffer

Buffer also has its own Pinterest management feature that lets you schedule Pins to be published on your profile. Whenever you find great images to Pin from any website, you can immediately add it to your Buffer dashboard through its browser extension. The tool also revives the site’s ability to highlight a text so it will automatically appear in the description.

Buffer for Pinterest offers unlimited pinning plans from $10 a month. You can also try the feature free for 14 days.

3. ViralTag

ViralTag separates itself from any other social media scheduling tool with its features that let you create a single schedule for all the connected accounts. It also offers the ability to import feeds so you can have access to other image-focused networks in one platform, as well as to bulk-schedule across multiple channels. It also integrates other platforms such as Canva and Google Analytics for added functionality.

ViralTag starts at $29 a month. It already allows 10 connected accounts and up to five RSS feeds for visual content discovery.

4. Sendible

For automating the publication of Pins and more, you may also want to try Sendible. A few of its functions include the ability to connect RSS feeds to your account, schedule posts to more than 20 social networks, receive updates, engage with your audience and measure ROI all in one dashboard. It eliminates the need for you to jump between different social networks, simultaneously.

Signing up for a Sendible account costs $29 a month. It already comes with unlimited scheduling ability and access to 12 custom services of your choice.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram-focused tool that offers many advanced features from scheduling to analytics and so much more. One of its highlights, however, is that it offers suggested times when to publish your posts so that they’re reaching the right audience and getting more exposure. Further, it integrates with Google Analytics to help you track engagement and monitor competition.

The free version of Tailwind is fairly limited, but you can get access to its detailed analytics by signing up to its Plus Plan for $15 a month.

6. Canva

Canva is by far the most preferred image creation tool that offers a library of over 1 million images and graphics, and over 8,000 templates and icons at your disposal. It uses a straightforward drag-and-drop approach to help you create professional-looking pin images easily. Although it’s not as easy to use as other tools, Canva offers tutorials to help you master all their features.

The free version of Canva already gives you access to many of its features, but paying for a premium account that starts at $12.95 a month gets you the best experience for using the tool.

7. PinFollow

Besides sharing a great content, your goal is to amass a following on Pinterest. As you start out, you may be following other pinners hoping that they’ll follow you back. But, others may not just be interested to do so. Using PinFollow lets you filter users you follow, identify those who don’t follow you back and unfollow all them in one click. It helps declutter your profile and focus on your loyal followers instead.

PinFollow is free to use, giving you more reason to include it in your set of essential social media tools.

8. Pinvolve

Pinvolve is another time-saving tool that lets you manage multiple social media accounts in one place. It works by syncing your Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and automatically pulling in your latest Pins or grams and posting them on your Facebook page. It works just the same when you want to Pin your recent Facebook post. It is used by various international brands such as Wrangler, Yahoo! And Converse.

The paid version of Pinvolve at $9 per month does all these automatically.

9. PinGroupie

Group boards often have a large following. It means that becoming part of these groups can get your pins seen by a new and larger audience - and PinGroupie helps you with just that. It’s basically a database of active Pinterest groups, which you can filter by category, title or description to help you find one that fits your niche.

PinGroupie has over thirty categories which you can access for free. It gives you data including the number of pins, members and followers of each board, to help you with your decision.

10. Pinterest Widgets

Concluding this list are the tools from the app itself. The five Pinterest widgets listed below are created to let you fully integrate your Pinterest presence in your website and here’s how they work:

  • Save Button - allow users to pin images from your website.
  • Follow Button - invite website visitors to follow you on Pinterest.
  • Pin Widget - embed pins on your website.
  • Profile Widget - display up to 30 of your latest pins on your website.
  • Board Widget - show up to 30 of the latest pins on your board.

Marketing on Pinterest certainly takes time and effort. But, these tools are guaranteed to save you time and streamline the way you use the pinning platform. Explore these time-saving Pinterest tools and see what will work best for you!

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