Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing


Blog Marketing

Behind retail and brand sites, blogs are the third most influential digital resource when making purchases. Smartphone users, who comprise 40 percent of the Philippine population, are accustomed to searching for reviews and reading them on blogs before buying anything. Many Filipino blogs enjoy an average readership of 20 to 30 thousand while top blogs have over a hundred thousand fans who hang on to their every word. This is why blog marketing is a critical component of your brand’s digital marketing mix.

M2Social assists your brand in contacting bloggers who cater to the same market as your target buyer persona. With our connections, restaurants can recruit foodie blogs to highlight special offerings and promos. Hotels can enlist travel bloggers to increase their online visibility to the backpacking community. Fashion brands can be represented by lifestyle bloggers who have worn their apparel and accessories. Even niche products can find bloggers who write for the same specialized audience, from mommies to nerds. We can help you connect your brand to the right people.

Blogger Relations

How We Can Help

Blogger Relations

Our digital marketing agency has a wide network of bloggers who can help your brand spread information, raise awareness, and promote your products or services.

Blogger Analytics

Blogs generate tons of information that we can provide you with. We can also analyze the data to determine your article’s reach and influence.

Content Strategy and Development

Our content writers help create content and story angles that will pique the interest of bloggers and their readers.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization helps you identify keywords and topics that increase your content’s chances of being discovered by your target audience after a simple Google search.

Our Commitment

  • Top-tier blogger coverage
  • Ideas measured in campaign impact
  • Campaign effectiveness measured in Return on Investment
  • Near real-time granular data on media coverage
  • Insight-laden analytics to parse campaign performance


Your social media page can do more than what you imagined it could do.

Our Digital Marketing company believes that social media can be a tool for brands to inspire people and direct their passion.


To have a chance at reaching out to the 44.2 million active internet users in the Philippines, your brand needs an easily discoverable website to serve as your hub in the Internet

Social Media Marketing for Fan Engagement

Consumers speak to brands as they were persons; brands need to communicate in the same way to earn their trust.

Social Media Marketing for Fan Acquisition

If you’re brand new to social media or don’t know what to do with your account, M2Social can help you acquire fans and ensure that they will see your message.