B. Braun

Medical Supplies Inc.



B. Braun, one of the Philippines' top healthcare companies, wanted to connect with its customer base in new enterprising ways via digital marketing. The Philippines is the social network capital of the world so it sought to introduce a medical supplies brand amidst a consumer-centric, yet incredibly popular, platform: Facebook.



Lighten Up! A heavy subject doesn't need a heavy tone.



M2Social recommended that B. Braun take the language and tone appropriate to their channel to better relate with the community. Posts were based on the theme of health and wellness. They related German company's products to everyday people's medical concerns and shared tips on becoming fit.



B. Braun forged a connection with its fans; more than any other medical supplies brand in the Philippine market. While the industry standard is only 5%, B. Braun enjoyed a 9% engagement rate.