Our Workflow

M2Social  Workflow

Creating Meaningful Connections Through Stories

Our storytellers work in their own unique ways but effectively collaborate to come up with inspiring stories. They are a team of idea builders, content creators, and data aggregators that work as a system, translating messages and raw data into compelling narratives that lead to action and results for your brand.

Our key to meaningful storytelling lies in our digital marketing agency’s integrated approach—one that involves building meaningful partnerships, creating meaningful connections, and producing meaningful experiences. These three work together in synergy, all grounded on the central message of the story.

We place great emphasis on research--from knowing the profile of consumers to analyzing the relevant conversations that take place across digital and traditional platforms. Everything we do comes from a thorough understanding of the situations we confront–this is what separates our social media marketing firm from a typical agency.


Our Culture

M2Social Culture

A Culture Grounded in Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the oldest human traditions, and it wields a unique potential to provoke, inform, challenge, entertain, educate, and inspire. Our job is to understand the great stories of our clients and share these in a manner that is useful, that creates value for the communities with whom our clients work, and that resonates with people.

This devotion to great storytelling is what sets us apart from the others. While other social media marketing firms may be content to present each story in an as by-the-books manner as possible, we worry about things like having the right tension at the right moment, dramatic arc, and taking the reader on what is hopefully a thrilling and enlightening journey.

We believe that through thoughtful and well-researched campaigns executed in effective digital marketing channels and implemented in relevant communities, meaningful change can be achieved. This is this aspiration that is the lifeblood of the social media marketing services that we offer.